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Central Africa which has the second biggest forest in the world (1,840,000 km2), the lungs of the earth, is a paradise for botanists and zoologists. It is therefore a special place for naturalist tourists and for ecotourism.

In Gabon the forest covers 80% of the territory, and the average population density is only 4 people per square km., a major part of whom live in the cities. Since the area is so sparsely populated, and the roads so few and poorly built because of the difficult climatic conditions, there is therefore little pressure on nature.

Statistics speak for themselves: 64,000 elephants, 25,000 gorillas, 35,000 chimpanzees, 680 bird species, 2,000 to 3,000 humpbacked whales, 320 species of orchids and numerous epiphytes. Here you find quite rare zoological species such as the lowland gorilla, sun-tailed monkey, mandrill, forest elephant, bongo and the Rock fowl.
There are also incredible magic places, such as the refuges of the ice age hiding species of unknown plants, the sumptuous inselberg, mountains overseeing the jungle, the great and magnificent isolated waterfalls seen only by the animals in the forest, the beaches where hippos, elephants and buffaloes bathe, the lush rivers and lagoonsbordered by papyrus or mangroves, the waterhole clearings where the elephants, gorillas, sitatungas and birds all come togetherin a harmony worthy of an earthly paradise.                                                                                                     




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